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花紋輥用于 PMMA、PC 板材、PP 片等多種塑料片、板材的表面成型處理。輥面可以加工成各種花紋形式,采用激光電子掃描與分色技術,將客戶來樣圖像轉化成高清晰度數字影像信息直接錄入雕刻機復制雕刻出高質量的輥面花紋。輥面花紋的仿真率高達98% 以上。



Embossing Roller

花紋輥用于 PMMAPC 板材、PP 片等多種塑料片、板材的表面成型處理。輥面可以加工成各種花紋形式,采用激光電子掃描與分色技術,將客戶來樣圖像轉化成高清晰度數字影像信息直接錄入雕刻機復制雕刻出高質量的輥面花紋。輥面花紋的仿真率高達98% 以上。



Embossing roller is used for surface treatment of plastic sheets and boards like PMMA, PC, PP and etc. Roller surface can be processed into a variety of decorative patterns. The sample image will be converted into high resolution digital image information with laser scanning electron and color separation technology and then loaded directly into the carving machine, and high quality roller surface pattern will be carved out by the carving machine. The roller surface pattern simulation rate is above 98%.

Sandblasting processing is applied to the roller surface. According to the size of the mesh, the roller surface to will have the effect of dull, matt, mist, and rough effect.

Products applied to the various fields like lighting appliances, decoration, leather products, automotive and so on.


● 輥面材料可采用 45 鋼、38GrMoAl42GrMo60GrMoV 等;

● 多種內部流道設計,輥面溫度均勻,確保制品表面花型的均勻


● 表面電鍍層硬度達到 HRC60-62,延長花紋輥的使用壽命。




Roller Features:

Roller surface material includes 45 # steel, 38GrMoAl

     42GrMo60GrMoV, and etc;

Both the diversified internal runner design, and the roll

     surface temperature uniformity technology, ensure the

     uniformed pattern on the product surface;

Surface plating hardness can be reached HRC60-62,

     prolong the service life of the embossing roller.



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